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Forget about Netflix, Apple TV, YouTube Red, and all other streaming sites. Now it is time to check out the Almal Live video channel and move your butt. If you want to know what you can find on our video channel and in the members' area watch the below clip.

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Exercise Videos

Exercise videos available anytime and anywhere. Watch from a range of different fitness videos, including warmup, cardio, bodyweight, kettlebell, resistance bands, cool down, and more.
Find your exercise videos suitable to your needs and circumstances, allowing you to do the workout from home, a hotel room, in a park, or anywhere else.
Learn how to perform fitness exercises effectively and focused on each muscle group such as arms, chest, glutes, and others.
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Workout Routine Videos

Build a fitness regime by following our workout routine videos. All our workout routine videos include a warmup, various fitness exercises, cool down, and stretching.
The workout routine videos are perfect for people who like to follow fitness programs that allows them to exercise independently, at any time, and from anywhere.
Workout routines include either cardio, bodyweight, stretch, circuits, high intensity, or other task-oriented exercises.