PT - One on One - 30 Minutes (Outdoor) A 30 minutes outdoor personal training session that will empower you to pursue and maintain a better.. Product #: ALPTOUTOO3000 Regular price: $55.00 $55.00

PT - One on One - 30 Minutes (Outdoor)

Product Code: ALPTOUTOO3000

Price: $55.00

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* Sessions per Week (7 Days):

A 30 minutes outdoor personal training session that will empower you to pursue and maintain a better lifestyle, by engaging in the right set of physical exercises. Our professional personal trainers will show and guide you through safe, effective and interesting workout routines that allow you to achieve your fitness goals.


Terms and Conditions

1. Trainings shall take place outdoors, in a park selected by our Personal Trainers.

2. All prepaid packages shall be paid in advance prior to the commencement of the 1st session.

3. If at any time the client’s account is overdue no sessions will be performed until the overdue amount is paid.

4. All sessions are to be used within 1 week.

5. Unused packages or sessions will be forfeited and can not be rolled over to the next week. 

6. Client training sessions will be conducted, supervised, and coached by trainers for the duration specified in the purchased service, unless otherwise specified or arranged between the Client and responsible Trainer.

7. Clients are to ensure that their answers provided in the Liability Waiver are honest and accurate, disclosing any information that is, or may be deemed relevant to the Clients undertaking physical activities under Alma Live.

8. Trainers may recommend that clearance of advice from a doctor or medical professional be sought, however Clients are responsible for seeking such clearance or advice prior to undertaking physical activity, nutritional or physical intervention with Alma Live to prevent risk of illness or injury.

9. Clients shall participate in the Assessment Process or any other screening activities that the Trainer deems relevant or sufficient to clear the Client for training.

10. It is the responsibility of the client to do all that is necessary to fully understand the terms & conditions for this service as well the companies terms and conditions.

Cancellations Terms

11. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel a training session and if this notice is not given the session will be forfeited. 

12. All sessions are non-refundable, but transferable during the same week with fair notice.