Nutrition Consultation and Meal Plan

Consult with our nutritionists online and have your historical and current nutritional intake reviewed and assessed by our experts. Discuss your health goals and get recommended options on how to improve and adjust your diet to suit your daily routine. 

Receive a nutrition plan and get it explained on how to apply it in practice using the right tools such as a kitchen scale, nutrition information panels, and nutrition apps. Have your progress reviewed on regular nutrition review sessions and get suggestions on how to improve or alter the nutrition plan.

Nutrition Review Session

Our online nutrition review sessions are designed to achieve a sustainable diet suitable and adjusted to the participant's needs and circumstances. Our professional nutrition consultants may advise you on a macronutrient plan and review the progress of your nutritional intake.

On a regular base, your nutrition levels and your daily physical and non-physical activities will be analyzed to identify whether or not your macronutrient plan needs to be altered.

What are the benefits?

Our nutrition and physical fitness programs are tailored to each clients’ specific needs and goals. Our encouraging and motivating workout activities can be done anytime and everywhere.

How to Shop?

Personal Training and Nutrition Consultation sessions can be purchased through our online shop. To register for fitness classes, just lookup upcoming classes and purchase a ticket or become a paid member and join online classes for free.

How does it work?

All our online fitness and nutrition services can be done from home, in a hotel room, or any other remote location that has enough space for your online session. All you need is a smartphone, or tablet, or a laptop with a camera and one of the following video call apps; Zoon, FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp.