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Outdoor Group Training Package
  • Buy an Outdoor Group Training Package comprising 3 Sessions per Week and save $15.
Outdoor Group Training Sessions
$30 per Session
  • Get fit and stronger with our Cardio, Strength-Endurance, Boot, and Box Fit Outdoor Group Training Sessions.
Upcoming Classes
There are no up-coming classes
  • Buy a Package of 2 or 3 sessions per week and save.
  • Join any of the available outdoor group training sessions.
  • Get fit and stronger with our Cardio and Strength-Endurance Classes.
  • Strengthen your body with Kettlebell Training!
  • Workout with mates that enjoy Box Fit and Boot classes.
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Cardio Class

This class is absolutely fun time!

We use a variety of bodyweight exercises, making the class a full body work out with different styles like HIIT (high intensity interval training), METCON (metabolic conditioning), and Circuits with varying intervals of work to rest ratios.

All fitness levels are welcome!

The workouts are easily scaled for each level; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In other words, we alter movements in order to produce the same level of intensity for each level. This to make sure you get the most out of the class but safe and sound!

Get ready for it, you will feel the challenge!


Strength-Endurance Class

In this class, we do a fantastic combination of cardio and strength!

In this session, we will bring your heart rate up with the goal to make you stronger for a long period of time.

We will use bodyweight exercises at the beginning of the session. Thereafter, we add light to medium size of weights and we increase the number of reps.

Before we increase the intensity we will always make sure your technique and form are good.

You will feel the challenge!


Pure Strength Class

This class is a must! It is the baseline of well-rounded fitness. It lets you build a stronger body from the inside out, enhancing your ability to move more weight over time, starting with basic bodyweight movements, followed by slowly loading the joints with light weights and learning safe and effective techniques.

The workouts in this class will ask your nervous system to produce more force in your muscles through the optimal use of your skeletal system. The nervous system dictates how our bodies respond to training no matter what sort of training it is. Thereafter, the body begins to adapt and to start developing better coordination.

With beginners, we will start with basic bodyweight exercises, while for intermediate and advanced levels, we will be using a variety of free weights and resistance bands.