Want to know how it is to join an online class?

If you are not sure whether an online class is the right thing for you, feel free to watch the little trailer on one of our classes. You will notice that our classes are not just videos with workout routines. It is an actual live and online class with many other members that participate and that we couch. For us, it is important that our members get the most out of our coaching regardless if we coach one-on-one or a group, we always will guide and correct your movements where applicable.

Cardio Class

These classes are absolutely fun times! Bringing your heart rate up and all what you got during your session. We use a variety of bodyweight exercises, making the classes a full body work out with different styles like HIIT (high intensity interval training), METCON (metabolic conditioning), and Circuits with varying intervals of work to rest ratios.
All fitness levels are welcome! The workouts are easily scaled for each level; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In other words, we alter movements in order to produce the same level of intensity for each level. This to make sure you get the most out of the class but safe and sound!

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Strength-Endurance Class

A fantastic combination of cardio and strength! Will bring your heart rate up and will also make you stronger for a long period of time!

During the class, we use bodyweight exercises to start with. Thereafter, we add light to medium size of weights and we increase the number of reps. Before we increase the intensity we will always make sure your technique and form are good. You will feel the challenge!

Pure Strength Class

This class is a must! It is the baseline of well-rounded fitness. It lets you build a stronger body from the inside out, enhancing your ability to move more weight over time, starting with basic bodyweight movements, followed by slowly loading the joints with light weights and learning safe and effective techniques.

The workouts in this class will ask your nervous system to produce more force in your muscles through the optimal use of your skeletal system. The nervous system dictates how our bodies respond to training no matter what sort of training it is. Thereafter, the body begins to adapt and to start developing a better coordination.

Discover how amazing it is to feel stronger and confident in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We will require some free weights, resistance bands, but if you are a beginner we can start with basic bodyweight exercises.

Upcoming Classes

What are the benefits?

Our nutrition and physical fitness programs are tailored to each clients’ specific needs and goals. Our encouraging and motivating workout activities can be done anytime and everywhere.

How to Shop?

Personal Training and Nutrition Consultation sessions can be purchased through our online shop. To register for fitness classes, just lookup upcoming classes and purchase a ticket or become a paid member and join online classes for free.

How does it work?

All our online fitness and nutrition services can be done from home, in a hotel room, or any other remote location that has enough space for your online session. All you need is a smartphone, or tablet, or a laptop with a camera and one of the following video call apps; Zoon, FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp.