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Patricia is the best! I have had great improvements and results since she's been my trainer. From relieving my back pain with stretching to helping develop my core strength and flexibility I have never had a trainer who has put in the extra effort and attention to detail like Patricia does. I would highly recommend her expertise and knowledge to anybody!

Being a first timer to a gym, Pati's training has been welcoming and exceptional. Her knowledge and expertise of the field is clear after your first visit. 

She tailored her P.T sessions to work in with my schedule and made exercises compliment the type of work I do.

I really can't reccomend her enough.

Pati is fantastic! She tailors classes and sessions around your capabilities, focuses heavily on technique but will push you to get the best out of your workout. I’ve never been fitter or stronger!
She works with you to discuss your goals and puts plans in place, helping out with nutrition and will help you to workout around a busy schedule. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She’s so lovely but she’s tough and strong.
Pati is my personal trainer at DJ's Gym South Melbourne, and she is absolutely fantastic!!! She's all about working harder and smarter, but keeping it simple.. and that's perfect for me as a working mum of 2. If you're after someone who is an expert in their field and who genuinely cares, Pati is the woman for you!
Pati has been my personal trainer for around 8 months. She had a great understanding of my requirements and really helped me work on my problem areas. It was important for me to work with someone who understood my needs but also pushed me hard, Pati is really great with this. Pati also gave me some really good advice on diet and eating and other things I could do to eat well and live well. During our sessions, Pati is well prepared and the sessions are really helpful for me. I would highly recommend Pati as a personal trainer to anyone"
Pati trained me for several months before I went on a holiday overseas and she was spectacular. She’s fun, extremely knowledgeable, and not only trained the crap out of me, but also assisted me with my food plans, and general motivation- going to the gym, knowing I would be training with her, was a sweaty joy. She helped me better understand the importance of technique, ensuring that I was not only comfortable with all the exercises, but also safe. She was kind, patient, and pushed me exactly as far as I needed to be pushed. I can highly recommend her!
"I've been training with Pati for a few months already, and I'm so amazed to see my improvement, I also can feel a big difference in my body because she goes into your mind explaining everything so you can realize how your body works.

Pati is always keen to explain, to repeat, to show you a certain exercise 10 times if it's necessary, to correct you and to find the way to make you feel comfortable during the workout. 

She is very dedicated and she really loves her job. But undoubtedly, what I like the most is her beautiful energy, she seems always happy and with heaps of power and strength, she is so inspiring <3"
Pati the Pro!

I have worked with Pati for the past 6 months. She started with the basics such as squats and stretches, and then moved on to kettle bells and then onto barbells. She taught me how to use heavy weights properly and effectively such as the BB thrusters, BB dead lifts, BB squats, etc, so I would not do myself any injury! 

Pati also helped me with my nutrition, informing me on what I should be eating and how often. She's also so amazing at motivation, sending you videos of yourself so you can see how much you have improved. I have recommended Pati to all of my friends, especially the ones who sometimes do not know what they are doing in the gym or are scared of weights. And I will definitely be spending more time with her in the future to keep me on track to my fitness goals!
I have been a client of Patricia for about 2 years now, I started working out with her initially in preparation for my wedding. I’ve always been an active person, but have never been able to achieve a toned body. Patricia transformed me into a healthier, stronger and toner version of myself, and I’ve been training with her ever since. 

Patricia is extremely knowledgeable in body mechanics, as well as fitness and nutritions. She also gives her clients her undivided attention, correcting every posture and making sure each exercise is executed properly.

She is friendly and patient while pushing you to achieve your best! Patricia keeps the workouts different each time and that really keeps it interesting and never boring.

If you are looking for a personal trainer that actually cares about health, wellness, fitness and her clients, I highly recommend Patricia.

She has helped me in developing a healthier attitude towards my body and my motivation to exercise. I actually look forward to working out now!

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