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Hello and Welcome to AlmaLive!

At Alma Live, we focus on building a stronger YOU and on how to nourish your body to feel energized! This is the number one place to find professional nutrition and exercise coaching that will help you achieve long-term results and maintain a healthy life!!

We create Programs (Fitness and Nutrition) that help our clients to reach their goals while making sure all necessary activities needed to become healthier and stronger can be incorporated into their busy schedules.

We know the struggle to maintain a fitness and diet regime with all other priorities like family, work, travel. Naturally, we start to postpone looking after ourselves and easily lose track of our fitness and nutrition goals. Sometimes we can't even find a routine.

This is why we provide professional online live coaching to help you in incorporating your fitness and nutrition back into your daily life and support you in creating a routine for a healthier, stronger, and happier life.

We invite you to reach out to us so we can chat about you and your needs.

Patricia Medina

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Let me introduce myself. My name is Pati and I am the owner of AlmaLive, I was born and bred in Santiago de Chile (South America). In 2013, at age 26 I moved to Australia by myself to open my horizon, looking for new adventures, and expanding my knowledge. I really love my life in Australia and thus I can comfortably call it my new home.

Since little, I’ve been involved in sports and outdoor activities. In my teenage years, my interest in Nutrition started to grow. Thus, I ended up doing a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Mayor University. After I graduated, I completed a diploma in exercise physiology while working in different areas of clinical and sports.

But that was not enough for me. I always felt like I need to enhance my knowledge and experience. Thus, when I came to Australia, I did a Cert IV fitness course at the Australian College of Sports and Fitness which I completed in 2015. From there, I have been continually studied Sports and Fitness completing various courses year after year.

"My work as a Coach is to listen to you, to guide you, to educate you, to teach you the best tools for your training and nutrition tailored to your needs and goals to live your best life!"

With all my knowledge and experience in Nutrition and Fitness services, I decided to start my own business and so I launched Alma Live in 2015. I started off with PT coaching in smaller gyms around South Melbourne Victoria. Over time, I became even more passionate about health and prevention, with the aim to "live your best life"! A credo that I strongly believe in, because we all deserve a good and healthy life, and it is in our hands to make it happen.

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