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Exercise Videos

Exercise videos available anytime and anywhere. Watch from a range of different fitness videos, including warmup, cardio, bodyweight, kettlebell, resistance bands, cool down, and more.
Find your exercise videos suitable to your needs and circumstances, allowing you to do the workout from home, a hotel room, in a park, or anywhere else.
Learn how to perform fitness exercises effectively and safely.

Workout Routine Videos

Build a fitness regime by following our workout routine videos which include a warmup, various fitness exercises, cool down, and stretching. 
These videos are perfect for people who like to follow fitness programs that allow them to exercise independently, at any time, and from anywhere.

Online Personal Training

Engage in physical exercises with our personal training sessions, designed to exercise from home, in a hotel room, in a park, on your holidays, or any other remote location that is suitable to do your workout activities.
Our professional and qualified personal trainers will guide you through the training session, demonstrate exercises, and correct movements via video call to ensure you perform safe, effective, and individualized workouts to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Online Group Classes

Become a member and enjoy unlimited access to our online fitness classes involving cardio, strength, and endurance.
These classes are absolutely fun times! Training together from home but still feeling like part of a community. A variety of programs will keep the class interesting and challenging. The workouts are easily scaled for each level allowing beginners, intermediates, and advanced to join.


Online Nutrition Consultation

Consult with our nutritionists online and have your historical and current nutritional intake reviewed and assessed by our experts. Freely discuss your goals and get recommended options on how to improve and adjust your diet to suit your needs. Receive a nutrition plan and get it explained on how to apply it in practice using the right tools such as a kitchen scale, nutrition information panels, and nutrition apps. Have your progress reviewed on regular sessions to receive ongoing guidance and keeping yourself accountable.


Check out our membership options and select the one that is most suitable for your fitness and nutrition needs. We offer a free membership for those who want to get fit watching our free exercise and workout routine videos. For those who like to workout in a group, we designed a special online classes membership that gives you unlimited access to all group classes. And finally, for those who seek professional advise and inspiration, we offer an online coaching and classes membership.

Studio / Gym Nutrition Services

Our professional Nutritionist design realistic nutrition programs, tailored to individuals' needs and circumstances. We coach you on how to put a nutrition plan into practice and explain how to read and use nutritional information labels. Learn how to measure your daily intakes to meet your macronutrient requirements.
Purchase a single nutrition consultation session, a nutrition review session, or a nutrition package.

Studio / Gym Fitness Services

Become a member and enjoy a variety of fitness services to a discounted price and at selected gyms. Enjoy professional personal training sessions ranging from 30 to 60 minutes on a one-on-one or two-on-one basis. Learn the right way on how to perform bodyweight exercises and workouts with equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other fitness equipment.
Patricia is the best! I have had great improvements and results since she's been my trainer. From relieving my back pain with stretching to helping develop my core strength and flexibility I have never had a trainer who has put in the extra effort and attention to detail like Patricia does. I would highly recommend her expertise and knowledge to anybody!

Being a first timer to a gym, Pati's training has been welcoming and exceptional. Her knowledge and expertise of the field is clear after your first visit. 

She tailored her P.T sessions to work in with my schedule and made exercises compliment the type of work I do.

I really can't reccomend her enough.

Pati is fantastic! She tailors classes and sessions around your capabilities, focuses heavily on technique but will push you to get the best out of your workout. I’ve never been fitter or stronger!
She works with you to discuss your goals and puts plans in place, helping out with nutrition and will help you to workout around a busy schedule. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She’s so lovely but she’s tough and strong.

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